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The <ptcs-tab-set> is a layout component that contains a set of tabs. Each tab can display a different set of items. Only one tab can be selected at a time. The selected tab is indicated with a selection bar that is typically a line under the tab. The tab name width will auto-size to accommodate the name length, but can optionally be assigned a maximum width; a tab name that exceeds the maximum width is truncated with horizontal ellipsis suffix to indicate the overflow.

The layout mode is horizontal, where the tabs are laid out along a line. On overflow a dropdown menu button appears, for tabs that are not being shown.

The component builds on vaadin-tabs so inherits a vertical layout option, but this is not a supported layout.

Usage Examples

Basic Usage

function func()
    const bind = document.getElementById('tabSet');

    bind.tabs = [
      { name: "Tab One Title"},
      { name: "Another Tab"}

<ptcs-tab-set selected="0" id="tabSet" items="{{tabs}}">
<div>something in the first tab</div>
Creates a two-column tab set with a div element that is shown when the first tab is selected.

Vertical layout

<ptcs-tab-set selected="0" orientation="vertical" id="tabSet" items="{{tabs}}">
Creates a two-column vertical tab set with a div element that is shown when the first tab is selected, without overflow or

NOTE: * The PTC Design System does not provide support for vertical tabs. The orientation is only an attribute and not a property. * Each DOM inside the tab set becomes the pages body of its index corresponding column.

Component API


Property Type Description Triggers a changed event?
defaultTabNumber Number The one-based index number of the selected tab when the tab set is loaded. The default is 1. Yes
disabled Boolean Disables the tabs. Set to False by default. No
items Array The array that holds the tab data. It includes four properties: name, value (String), visible, and disabled No
selected Number The zero-based index of the selected tab Yes
selectedTabName String The name of the selected tab Yes
selectedTabValue String The value of the selected tab Yes
tabHeight Number The height of page that the tab is showing, unless the page is stretched by flex CSS. No
tabNameMaxWidth Number The maximum width for the tab name (by default no limit) No


No methods.


The Parts of a Component

Part Description
tabs-header The tabs container. This does not include the page on the selected tab.
divider A divider between the tabs and the page display
pages The page that shows when you select a tab

State attributes

Attribute Description Part
disabled Is tab set disabled? :host, tabs-header, pages
selected The zero-based index of the selected tab :host
tabHeight The height of page the tab is showing :host