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A ptcs-link is a link that is similar to the HTML <a> element, with specific styling.

Usage Examples

Basic Usage

<ptcs-link href="" label="PTC"></ptcs-link>

Component API


Property Type Description Triggers a changed event
alignment String Controls the alignment of items. You can set it to "left", "right", or "center". The default is "left" No
disabled Boolean Disables the link No
singleLine Boolean Shows the link text on a single line. Set to false by default. No
href String Specifies the URL to open when the link is clicked No
label String The link label No
target String Target tab type: "new", "same" or "popup". Default: "same" No
textMaximumWidth String The maximum width for the link text No
tooltip String The tooltip that appears when hovering over the link No
tooltipIcon String The icon for the tooltip No
variant String The link variant. The default is "primary" No
verticalAlignment String Controls the vertical alignment of the link text.


No methods


The Parts of a Component

Part Description
link The link element
label The container for the label

State Attributes

Attribute Description Part
disabled Disables the link :host, link
variant Specifies the variant. You can set the link type to "primary" or "secondary". The default is "primary" :host