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ThingWorx Web Component SDK Utility


The ThingWorx Web Component SDK Utility is a command line tool that enables you to create ThingWorx widgets from your custom Web Components more easily. You can use the tool to wrap custom web component widgets as an extension that can be imported into the ThingWorx platform. This enables you to add the widget to a mashup using the Widgets panel in Mashup Builder.


Before you begin, install the following software and packages:

  • Install npm (Node package manager)
  • Install the gulp-cli npm package globally on your system.
npm install -g gulp-cli

Downloading the Utility

You can download Web Component SDK Utility for ThingWorx Platform from the PTC Software Downloads site, under the ThingWorx Foundation product family. The ZIP file is available for ThingWorx 9.0 or later, under the ThingWorx Web Component SDK Utility category.

Installing and Running the Utility

For more information about running and installing the SDK utility and the available commands, see Creating a ThingWorx Widget Extension.