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The date picker is a dialog box that enables you to pick a specific date and time. The date can be displayed according to a format that is specified by the user.

The date picker is implemented using the MomentJS library and it uses its format specification.

Usage Examples

Basic Usage


Specific date and format selected

 <ptcs-datepicker format="LL" date="2018-11-25"></ptcs-datepicker>

In the example above, the attributes define the following:

  • date - The date to display
  • format - The date format specifier according to the MomentJS format. The 'LL' value generates the following: 'November 25, 2018'.
<ptcs-datepicker week-start="day" month-format="YMD" date-order="order" action-position="location" show-time display-seconds></ptcs-datepicker>

In the above example substitute attribute values:

  • day - possible values: Monday, Sunday
  • YMD - possible values: full, short, numeric
  • order - possible values: YMD, MDY, DMY
  • location - possible values: left, right

Date range selection

 <ptcs-datepicker date-range-selection></ptcs-datepicker>

In the example above, date picker allows users to select a date range.

Component API


Property Type Description Triggers a changed event?
actionPosition String Sets the position of the "Done" button. The allowed values are "left" and "right". When set to "left", the button is placed to the left of the "Today" button. No
date String Opens the calendar on a specific date using the following format: YYYY-MM-DD Yes
dateDelimiter String The separator to use between date components. Set to '-' by default. No
dateOnly Boolean A property for the _dateFormat call No
dateOrder String The order of the year, month, and day. You can set it to "auto", "YMD", "MDY", or "DMY". Setting it to "auto" defaults to the "YMD" format. No
dateTime Date The actual data, as a Date object Yes
daysContainingAnyData Array (timestamp) Displays dots for the dates contained in the array. No
disabled Boolean Disables the date picker No
displaySeconds Boolean Displays seconds as part of the date. No
formatToken String Overrides the format of the displayed date. See the Available formats. No
hidden Boolean Hides the calendar No
hintText String Sets the prompt text to pick a date No
initWithCurrentDateTime Boolean Initializes the date picker with current date and time. No
interval Number The refresh rate for updating the calendar. Default: 0 No
intervalType String The unit of refresh rate for updating the calendar. Default: 'h'. Allowed values: 'h' - Hours, 'm' - Minutes, 's' - Seconds, 'd' - Days No
label String An optional label above the date picker No
monthFormat String The month format. Allowed values: "full", "short", "numeric" (default: "full") No
labelAlignment String The horizontal alignment of the label. Allowed values: "left", "center", "right" (default: "left") No
selectedDate Object The selected date as a moment object Yes
showTime Boolean Shows the time in the picker. (default: false) No
tooltip String The tooltip that appears when hovering over the date picker No
tooltipIcon String The icon for the tooltip No
weekStart String The first day of the week. Set to "Monday" by default. The allowed values are "Monday" and "Sunday". No
dateRangeSelection Boolean Enables you to specify a date range by selecting a start and an end date. You cannot specify a time value when range selection is enabled. (default: true) No
showTodayButton Boolean Deprecated. Adds a button that enables you to select the current date. (default: true) No
hideTodayButton Boolean Hides the button used to select the current date. (default: false) No
fromDate Date Sets the value of the start date for the date range. The value must be smaller than or equal to the toDate. Yes
toDate Date Sets the value of the end date for the date range. The value must be larger than or equal to the fromDate. Yes
fromFieldLabel String Specifies the label to display for the start date field No
toFieldLabel String Specifies the label to display for the end date field No
fromAndToFieldsHintText String Specifies the hint text to display within the start and end date fields. No
iconWidth String Sets a fixed width for the icon (both iconWidth and iconHeight should be set, otherwise the icon default size is set) No
iconHeight String Sets a fixed height for the icon (both iconWidth and iconHeight should be set, otherwise the icon default size is set) No
extraValidation Function Custom client validation function. This is invoked with the text component itself as parameter, so that it can use any ptcs-textarea property for custom validation. Can return true (= valid), false (= invalid), or undefined (ignore validation)
externalValidity String List validity as determined externally (server-side). Value: undefined, "unvalidated", "invalid", or "valid"
hideValidationCriteria Boolean Don't show validation criteria in unvalidated state?
hideValidationError Boolean Don't show validation error state?
hideValidationSuccess Boolean Don't show validation success state?
required Boolean Validation criterion: Must the list have a selection?
min Date Validation criterion: Minimal possible date
max Date Validation criterion: Maximal possible date
validationCriteria String The validation details message
validationCriteriaIcon String Icon for criteria state (unvalidated). Default: cds:icon_info
validationErrorIcon String Icon for error state (invalid). Default: cds:icon_error
validationMessage String The validation (title) message
validationSuccessDetails String The validation success details message
validationSuccessIcon String Icon for success state (valid). Default: cds:icon_success
validationSuccessMessage String The validation success (title) message. Default: "Success"


Name Data Description
range-updated Event that triggers when the start date or end date value is modified
calendar-date-changed { value: date } The generated date as a string in specified format
{ value: closeCalendar} Boolean


Attribute Description Part
date The actual date data :host, date-field
disabled Date picker or calendar state :host, date-field, calendar
hidden Indicates whether the date picker calendar is open. calendar
label The date picker label :host, label
label-alignment The horizontal alignment of the label :host
no-label Is True when there is no label label




The closed date time picker is a text field with a calendar icon. In the text field, you can specify hint text or display the date and time. A clear button is displayed when the picker shows a date or time selection.

Note: The date picker has an optional label.

Part Description
label-container The container panel of the label above the date picker
label The label above the date picker
date-field The container for the current timestamp or hint text
icon The calendar icon
hint-text The text prompt that is displayed to select a date and time
text-value The generated date and time in specified format
clear-button The button to clear a generated date and time string, reverting the contents to the hint text

The following figure shows the different part of the component when the picker is closed:

The opened date time picker displays date and time selectors with the following parts:

Part Description
calendar The container panel of the calendar drop-down in the date picker
datepicker-container The calendar container panel
header The top part of the date picker, with navigation button for previous month, month dropdown, year dropdown, and navigation button for next month
prev-month-button The back arrow
month-dropdown The month drop-down selector
year-dropdown The year drop-down selector
next-month-button The forward arrow
weekdays The weekdays container panel
weekday A single weekday
days The day date container panel
day A single day
dot A dot highlight below a day's date, generated via property daysContaingAnyData
time The time selector container
hour-dropdown The hours drop-down selector
minute-dropdown The minutes drop-down selector
second-dropdown The seconds drop-down selector
footer The lower panel container for the buttons Done and Today
apply-button The Done button
today-button The Today button

The following parts are added when the date-range-selection option is enabled:

Part Description
range-inputs The container for the current timestamp or hint text
date-field-from The container for the current 'from' timestamp
date-field-to The container for the current 'to' timestamp

The following figure shows the different parts of the component when the picker is open: