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A Breadcrumb control shows the current location of the user. It provides a sequence of links to other locations or states.

You can show previously visited locations, or the current location of a user within a website hierarchy.

Usage Examples

Basic Usage

In the example, path is an array of strings.

<ptcs-breadcrumb items="[[path]]"></ptcs-breadcrumb>

You can set it using a Polymer data binding, or manually by assigning the property using JavaScript code.

The following code block shows setting up an event listener to navigate using the breadcrumb:

document.getElementById(...).addEventListener('ptcs-breadcrumb', ev =>
    console.log("Goto step " + ev.detail.index);

Component API


Property Type Description
items Array An array of strings, where each string is a step in the breadcrumb path.
disabled Boolean Disables the breadcrumb
overflowThreshold Number Maximum number of breadcrumbs to display before switching to display an overflow dropdown
selector String The selector is the key that specifies the entry label when items is a list of objects,
selectorUrl String If items is an array of objects, the selecturUrl should hold the key to the URL to use for each entry
showCurrentLevel Boolean Deprecated. Should the "current" breadcrumb level be shown or not?
hideCurrentLevel Boolean Hides the current level indicator
linkTruncation Boolean Truncates long breadcrumbs
linkTruncationLength Number The maximum width of each breadcrumb when truncated


Name Data Description
ptcs-breadcrumb ev.detail = { index, item } Generated when the user clicks on a step in the breadcrumb path. index is the index into the path and item is the item (the step string)


The Parts of a Breadcrumb

Part Description
root A ptcs-hbar serving as the root of the component
body A ptcs-hbar that contains the list of breadcrumbs and separators
link A ptcs-link breadcrumb entry
separator A ptcs-label that contains the '/' that separates the crumbs
dropdown A ptcs-dropdown list that contains overflow breadcrumb items (when the number of breadcrumbs exceeds the overflowThreshold value)


To be determined