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A ptcs-dynamic-panel has two containers, a panel and a main container. The main container is always visible. The panel can be expanded or collpased. When collapsed it is typically hidden, but may chose to show a part of itself. The panel can share the space of the main container or fly over it.

The ptcs-dynamic-panel has a trigger button that toggles the expansion mode and a resize thumb that allow the user to manually resize the panel. Both parts can be hidden.

The dynamic panel can be used to implement splitter windows, fly-out panels, accordians, etc.

Usage Examples

Basic Usage

  <div slot="panel">This is the panel</div>
  <div>This is the main container</div>

Collapsed panel to the right, hide trigger and resize thumb

<ptcs-dynamic-panel anchor="right" trigger="none" hide-thumb collapsed>
  <div slot="panel">This is the right sidebar</div>
  <div>First paragraph in the main container</div>
  <div>Second paragraph in the main container</div>
  <div>Third paragraph in the main container</div>

Component API


Property Type Description Triggers a changed event?
anchor String What side of the contaienr is the panel attached to? Possible values: top, right, bottom, left. Default: left -
clickOutsideToClose Boolean Automatically close the panel if the user clicks anywhere outside it? Default: false -
collapsedPanelSize String Size of panel when it is collapsed. Default: 0px -
collapsed Boolean Is the panel collapsed? Default: false Yes
disabled Boolean Is the component disabled? Default: false -
flex Boolean Do the dynamic panel control its own dimensions? If true the dynamic panel grows when the panel is expanded. Default: false -
hideThumb Boolen Hide resize thumb? If hidden, the slider cannot be resized by the user. Default: false. -
hideTrigger Boolen Hide trigger button? If hidden, the collapse mode cannot be changed by the user, unless trigger is panel. Default: false. -
maxPanelSize String Maximum panel size when expanded. Default: 100% -
minPanelSize String Minimum panel size when expanded. Default: 34px -
panelSize String Initial panel size. Default: 280px -
pushBehavior String Should the panel push the main container or fly over it? Possible values: push or flyover. Default: push -
scrim Boolean Enable the scrim that covers the container when the panel in expanded? Only available if pushBehavior is flyover. Default: `false -
speed String Animation speed when panel expansion mode changes. Default: 200ms -
thumbTooltip String Tooltip for the thumb -
thumbTooltipIcon String Icon for the thumb tooltip -
trigger String If visible, the trigger button always resides on the edge of the panel. The trigger property specifies where on the edge. Possible values: top, right, bottom, left, center, middle, none, panel. Note: top and bottom is only allowed if anchor is left or right. right and left is only allowed if anchor is top or bottom. none hides the trigger button. panel also hides the trigger button, but it turns the entire main containter into a trigger button. -
triggerTooltip String Tooltip for the trigger -
triggerTooltipIcon String Icon for the trigger tooltip -
triggerType String Specifies the trigger buttons. Possible values: type1, type2, type3 -


Signature Description
toggle() Toggles expansion mode



Part Description
container The main container
panel The panel container
separator The separator between the panel and the main container
thumb The resize thumb
trigger The trigger area that contains the trigger button
trigger-button The trigger button

State attributes

Attribute Description Part
anchor Where is the panel anchored. See above :host
collapsed Is the panel collapsed (or expanded)? :host
hide-thumb Is the resize thumb visible? :host
sizing Is the user dragging the resize thumb? :host
transition Is the panel transition between collapsed states? :host


To be specified

Keyboard Navigation

To be specified