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A ptcs-accordion is a vertically stacked list of items. Each item can be expanded or collapsed to reveal the items content. There can be zero expanded items, one, or more than one item expanded at a time, depending on the proeprties.

Each item in a ptcs-accordion is a ptcs-accordion-item. The ptcs-accordion-item has two main parts:

  • The header that contains the header text and an optional trigger icon
  • The panel that contains the content of the item. The panel can contain a sub-accordion, which results in an expandable / collapsible tree structure.

Usage Example

<ptcs-accordion items="[[items]]"></ptcs-accordion>

Component API


Property Type Description Triggers a changed event
allowMissingIcons Boolean Deprecated. Should we allow items without a specified icon, or should these be displayed using a 'default' icon?
fillMissingIcons Boolean Displays a filler icons next to items with a missing icon
disabled Boolean Disables the accordion
displayIcons Boolean Deprecated. Should we display the icon assiciated with each item (if any)?
hideIcons Boolean Hides the icons that are displayed next to the accordion items
hideTrigger Boolean Specifies if the trigger icons should be hidden.
items Array The items of the accordion. Currently an item has three fields, label (a String), icon (a String) and content, which is either a String or an Array of sub-items that should be renedered using a sub-accordion.
maxWidth Number Minimum width of accordion. Directly mapped to CSS max-width.
minWidth Number Minimum width of accordion. Directly mapped to CSS min-width.
multipleOpenItems Boolean Specifies if several panels can be expanded at the same time. If false only a single panel can be expanded.
triggerAlign String Specifies where the trigger icons should be located in the header. Supported values: 'left' or 'right'.
triggerCanCollapse Boolean Specifies if the user can collapse the panel using the trigger. If false, the panel can only be expanded with the trigger, not collapsed. In this case the only way to collapse the panel is to expand another panel in the accordion (assuming that multipleOpenItems is true).
triggerType String Specifies trigger icons. Supported values are 'doublecarets', 'singlecaret', 'close', and 'plus/minus'


No methods


No Events

The Parts of the Component

Accordion parts

Part Description
item An accordion item

Accordion items parts

Part Description
header The accordion header, that is always visible
label The header label
trigger-button The header trigger icon
panel The accordion panel, which is only visible if the item is expanded
sub-accordion The optional sub-accordion, that resides in the panel

State attributes

Accordion state attributes

Attribute Description Part
disabled Is the accordion disabled? :host

Accordion item state attributes

Attribute Description Part
disabled Is the item disabled? :host
sub-accordion Do the panel contain a sub-accordion? :host
mute Can the item state (expanded / collapsed) be affected by activating the trigger? :host
opened Is the panel expanded? :host
aria-expanded "true" the panel is expanded, and "false" otherwise. label
aria-disabled "true" the panel state can be changed with the trigger, and "false" otherwise. label