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The ptcs-modal-image-popup shows an image thumbnail and a button. Clicking on the button shows the image in a modal pop-up against a semi-opaque backdrop.

Usage Examples

Basic Usage

<ptcs-modal-image-popup src="./some-image.png"></ptcs-modal-image-popup>

<ptcs-modal-image-popup src="./some-image.png" disabled></ptcs-modal-image-popup>

Attribute disabled prevents the pop-up behavior.

Component API


Property Type Description Triggers a changed event
src String The image to display No
backdropColor String The modal dialog backdrop overlay color (default: #232b2d) No
backdropOpacity String The modal dialog backdrop opacity, a value between 0 and 1.0 (default: 0.6) No
disabled Boolean Is the image pop-up disabled? No


Name Description
popup-close-action Triggered when clicking on the close button


The component has methods open and close but they are called automatically from the respective buttons, so do not need to be invoked directly.

Signature Description
open() Opens the modal pop-up dialog. Called when you click on the button in the thumbnail version.
close() Closes the modal pop-up dialog. Called when the close button is clicked.



Part Description
popup-root Container for the modal pop-up
popup-link Container for the link contents
image Container for the thumbnail version of the image
disclosure-button The button that opens the image in the modal pop-up
popup-container The container for the pop-up data across whole browser window
popup-contents-and-button Container for the pop-up itself (the modal dialog and its close button), displayed vertically and horizontally centered in the window
popup-contents Container for the modal pop-up dialog data
popup-image The image in the modal pop-up
popup-close-button The close button in the modal pop-up dialog

State attributes

No public state attributes.