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A menu button is a button that opens a menu.

Usage Examples

Basic Usage

<ptcs-menu-button items="[[items]]"></ptcs-menu-button>

Component API


Property Type Description Triggers a changed event?
disabled Boolean Disables the button No
offset Number The distance between the button and the menu edge. The default value is 8. No
openOnHover Boolean Determines whether hovering the button will trigger the menu. The default value is false. No
buttonVariant Boolean Set a button variant. No
icon String Sets an icon. The default is "cds:icon_more_vertical". No
iconSrc String Sets an icon source. No
contentAlign String Align the label in button to the left, right or center. The default is "center". No
buttonMaxWidth Number Set a maximum width for the button widget. No
label String The text label in button. The default is "Menu". No
tooltip String The tooltip that appears when hovering over the button No
tooltipIcon String The icon for the tooltip No
displayIcons Boolean When false, icon data is ignored by the menu, and no icons are rendered. The default is false. No
allowMissingIcons Boolean When allowMissingIcons is false, and displayIcons is true, a default icon will be assigned to any Menu Item that has no icon data associated with it. The default is false. No
menuMaxWidth String Sets the maximum width the menu can be reduced to. May be defined by a custom value, in pixels. If set to "auto", the menu will assume the width of its widest menu item. The default is "auto". No
menuMinWidth String Sets the minimum width the menu can be reduced to. May be defined by a custom value, in pixels. If set to "auto", the menu will not become narrower than its widest menu item. The default is "auto". No
maxMenuItems String Defines the maximum number of visible dropdown menu and submenu items. The default is 5. No
iconPlacement String Sets the icon image on the left or right of the text label if any. The default is "left". No
menuPlacement String Sets the placement of the menu in relation to its button. The property lets you to choose to place the menu on the top/bottom(vertically) or left/right(horizontally) of the button. The exact alignment of the menu will be auto adjusted based on menu button’s position of the page. Options: "vertical" / "horizontal". The default is "vertical". No


Name Data Description
action ev.detail = { item } Generated when the user clicks on a "leaf" in the menu tree (an item without a submenu)