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A ptcs-icon displays an icon. The icon can either be part of an SVG icon set or a separate icon file.

Using property size you have 4 predefined icon sizes available, with the size set via theming: | name | size (height and width are equal)| |-------|----| |small|icon size 18px + 8px padding on all sides = 34px | |medium|icon size 22px + 8px padding on all sides = 38px | |large|icon size 60px + 8px padding on all sides = 76px | |xlarge|icon size 80px + 8px padding on all sides = 96px |

The default size is small.

The value custom has no padding in theming with CSS height and width set to 100%.

As an alternative to using property size, the size can be controlled directly via CSS styling.

Usage Examples

Icon in a separate file

<ptcs-icon icon="icon.svg"></ptcs-icon>

Icon referenced via url


Icon with 'small' size

<ptcs-image size="small" icon="icon.svg"></ptcs-image>

Three icons, from the same icon set, with screen reader labels

<ptcs-image icon-set="my-icons.svg" icon="play" alt="start video"></ptcs-image>
<ptcs-image icon-set="my-icons.svg" icon="pause" alt="pause video"></ptcs-image>
  alt="skip to next video"

Icons do not respond to user interaction, they are non-interactive.

Inline SVG icons (such as from an icon set) can by styled via CSS, so by applying a fill color one could e.g. grey out a disabled icon.

ptcs-icon[disabled] { /* ONLY inline SVG can be styled */ fill: #adb5bd; }

SVG icons referenced as a file / url cannot have their styling overridden in same way as the SVG is not inline.

Component API


Property Type Description
alt String A descriptive text of the icon, intended for screen readers / assistive technologies
icon String If iconSet is unspecified, icon specifies a separate icon file. If iconSet is specified, icon specifies an icon in that icon set
iconSet String A URL to an icon set from which icon selects an icon (see below for details about the icon set format)
size String The size of the image: small | medium | large | xlarge | custom
preventCaching Boolean Appends a timestamp suffix to the icon url to prevent the browser from caching the icon, forcing a fresh reload
placeholder Boolean If icon is empty a placeholder image will use used instead when placeholder is set to true
iconWidth String Sets a fixed width for the icon
iconHeight String Sets a fixed height for the icon


No events


No methods

Icon set file format

The icon set is based on SVG with each icon identified via id attribute. This is a common format that many SVG sprite tools generate natively.

Example icon set:

<svg version="1.1" xmlns="">
    <g id="add-location"><path d="M12 2C8.14 2 5 5.14 5 9c0 5.25 7 13 7 13s7-7.75 7-13c0-3.86-3.14-7-7-7zm4 8h-3v3h-2v-3H8V8h3V5h2v3h3v2z"></path></g>
    <g id="beenhere"><path d="M19 1H5c-1.1 0-1.99.9-1.99 2L3 15.93c0 .69.35 1.3.88 1.66L12 23l8.11-5.41c.53-.36.88-.97.88-1.66L21 3c0-1.1-.9-2-2-2zm-9 15l-5-5 1.41-1.41L10 13.17l7.59-7.59L19 7l-9 9z"></path></g>
    <g id="directions"><path d="M21.71 11.29l-9-9c-.39-.39-1.02-.39-1.41 0l-9 9c-.39.39-.39 1.02 0 1.41l9 9c.39.39 1.02.39 1.41 0l9-9c.39-.38.39-1.01 0-1.41zM14 14.5V12h-4v3H8v-4c0-.55.45-1 1-1h5V7.5l3.5 3.5-3.5 3.5z"></path></g>



Part Description
image The icon container

State attributes

Attribute Description Part
prevent-caching Should the icon always be reloaded afresh? :host
placeholder Use a default icon when the icon property is unassigned? :host