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ptcs-chart is a component ecosystem that enables you to implement data visualization using charts.

The ecosystem consists of three parts:

  • Common components: Common tasks that can be used by all components
  • Core components: Components that implement the core functionality of a specific chart type - or types
  • Compound components: Components that combine common and core components into a single component, for convenient usage

You can use a single compound component, if it meets your requirements, or manually combine common and core components to support more advanced requirements.

The charting ecosystem

Common components

  • ptcs-chart-layout, for chart layouts
  • ptcs-chart-legend, for chart legend
  • ptcs-chart-coord, for combining a chart with a coordinate system (adds axes and rulers)
  • ptcs-chart-axis, for chart axes
  • ptcs-chart-zoom, for chart zooming controls

Core components

  • ptcs-chart-core-bar, a bar chart component
  • ptcs-chart-core-line, a line chart component, that also implements area charts, scatter plots and streamgraphs
  • ptcs-chart-core-pareto, a pareto chart component
  • ptcs-chart-core-schedule, a schedule chart component
  • ptcs-chart-core-waterfall, a waterfall chart component

Compound components

  • ptcs-chart-bar, a complete bar chart, with a layout, a coordinate system and an x- and y-axis
  • ptcs-chart-line, a complete line chart, area chart, scatter plot and streamgraph
  • ptcs-chart-pareto, a combination of a line and a bar chart that enables you to perform Pareto analysis
  • ptcs-chart-waterfall, a complete waterfall chart to visualize changes to data
  • ptcs-chart-schedule, a complete schedule chart to visualize schedule data