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Filter Data widget is intended for data filtering. The filter options are listed in the drop down on the left side based on 'data' input parameter. "DataShape"->"fielDefinition" field is taken into account to extract the supported filter categories.

Usage Examples

Basic Usage


    <ptcs-chip-data-filter id="dataFilterId"></ptcs-chip-data-filter>

Pure JS

    let ptcsDataFilter = document.querySelector("dataFilterId");
    if (ptcsDataFilter) {
        ptcsDataFilter.addEventListener("change", event => {
        }); = [
            dataShape: {
                fieldDefinitions: {
                    TextBasedCategory: {
                        name:        'textBasedCategory',
                        description: 'audit message text',
                        baseType:    'STRING',
                        ordinal:     3,
                        aspects:     {}
                    DateTimeBasedCategory: {
                        name:        'dateTimeBasedCategory',
                        description: '',
                        baseType:    'DATETIME',
                        ordinal:     1,
                        aspects:     {}

Polymer code

    static get template() {
        return html`
            <ptcs-chip-data-filter query={{query}} on-change="__handleDataFilterChange" id="dataFilter"></ptcs-chip-data-filter>

Component API


Property Type Description Triggers a changed event?
data Object The data for the filter options No
query Object The query in JSON format, filter options No
showListFilter Boolean Toggles filtering option in the category dropdown list (default: false) No
hideFilterCounter Boolean Controls visibility of the label displaying the current number of filters (default: false) No
daysContainingAnyData Array [Date type] Adds indicator dots that enable you to highlight days that contain data values No
customBaseTypesMapping Object Maps base types to supported filters No
sortFilters Boolean Deprecated. Sorts the list of filter options in the alphabetic sort order (default: true) No
disableFilterSorting Boolean Prevents the applied filters from getting sorted automatically in an alphabetical order (default: false) No
showAndHideFilters Boolean Controls the visibility of the Show/Hide filters button No
chipsDisclosure String Specifies how to handle the "Show Filters" / "Hide Filters" toggle: 'link' - use a ptcs-link, 'icon' - use a ptcs-icon, 'none' - hide the disclosure toggle and always show the active filters / chips. Default: 'link'. No
columnFormat String A JSON string that contains a list of options to show in predefined order. The JSON data should have the same set of options as the data object. The Title field is optional and includes custom or a localizable label. Add __showThisField=false to hide option No
maxWidth Number The maximum width for the filter (in pixels) No
topBarHeight Number Read-only property returning part top-bar height in pixels No
borders String Enable a border on part top-barusing letters tblr in any combination (top, bottom, left, right) No
categoryLabel String The text that is displayed above the drop-down list for the filter categories No
conditionLabel String The text that is displayed above the drop-down list for the filter condition No
valueLabel String The text that is displayed above the box which contains the value for the condition No
rangeStartValueLabel String The text displayed above the first input box when filtering a range of values No
rangeEndValueLabel String The text displayed above the second input box when filtering a range of values No
unitsLabel String The text displayed above the drop-down list that is used to set the units when filtering by location or date No
latitudeLabel String The text displayed above the input box for latitude when filtering by location No
longitudeLabel String The text displayed above the input box for longitude when filtering by location No

When you specify a string for a label property, it is used instead strings values that are stored in the dictionary of the component.


Name Data Description
query-changed { value: Object } The generated data in JSON format





Part Description
selector The container of all dropdowns
chip-container The container element for chips