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Right-Click Actions
Depending on the object selected, different Windchill-specific actions are available from the right-click menu in Windows Explorer:
Windchill Documents, Active Server, Inactive Server
Expand the Windchill menu to access the following actions:
Select Active Server
Establish a Windchill server connection from a list of established server connections.
Establish or end a connection to the selected Windchill server.
You can only be connected to one server at a time.
Open the Windchill Desktop Integration Configuration window. Use this window to add and remove servers, manage your preference settings, and view system information.
Product Project Library Program
Select a Windchill table view to apply to the Windows Explorer Details layout. This allows you to view attributes available from the Folder Contents table columns in Windchill.
Open the Search Windchill Documents window. Use this window to search for documents against the Windchill database.
Windchill Contexts
Limit what appears in each Windows Explorer context folder by setting a context folder view.
Recent + Favorites—Favorite and recently visited contexts.
Recently Viewed—Only the most recent contexts you visited in Windchill.
Favorites—Only the contexts that you have marked as favorites.
All—All contexts of which you are a member.
You can set the default view for your context folders in Windows Explorer by modifying the Default contexts under Windchill Documents in Windows Explorer preference. For more information, see Desktop Integration Preferences.
To mark a context as your favorite, open Windchill in a browser and navigate to the context table. For example, to set your favorite projects, open the Navigator and select the project icon .
Click View All to open the Projects table. This table lists all projects in which you are a member or have access. Select the checkboxes next to your favorite projects and click the add to favorites icon on the table toolbar.
Windchill Folders
Edit the folder attributes.
Delete the selected folder.
You can perform this action on multiple folders at once.
Set access control for the folder.
New > Folder
Create a Windchill folder.
New > Document
Create a Windchill document without content.
The ability to create documents without content is controlled by the Primary Content Enforcement preference. For more information, see Content Management Preferences.
By default, Windchill links are not enabled for Desktop Integration. For more information, see Windchill Link Objects.
Open File Location
Navigate to the document or folder location in Windows Explorer.
Edit the link attributes or delete the link from Windchill.
Document Actions
Folder Actions
Open a submenu with applicable actions for the folder or document.
Windchill Documents
For information on the Windchill menu that appears in the right-click actions of locally saved documents (documents not located under the Windchill Documents node), see Windchill Menu Actions.
Open the most recent iteration of the document. A local version is automatically saved to your default file path.
Open a new window providing detailed Windchill attribute information and a link to the document in Windchill.
Download Primary File
Download content from the Windchill server. An overwrite prompt appears if the file exists in the local cache.
Check in the document to Windchill.
If a modified version of the file exists your cache, then the file is automatically uploaded during checkin.
From the Check In window, enter additional information relevant to the document in the Comments field. Comments appear in the Version History table under the History tab on document information pages in Windchill.
If the Windchill Desktop Integration Check In Behaviour preference is set to Yes, the Check In window includes two steps. In the first step, you can edit document attributes. For example, information you enter into the Description attribute is visible under the Details tab on the document information page in Windchill. Other attributes are unique to your site.
To remove this step from the checkin process, an administrator can reset the preference in the Preference Management utility.
You can perform this action on multiple documents at once.
Check Out
Check out the document.
You can perform this action on multiple documents at once.
Check Out and Download
Check out the document and download a separate file to your local cache.
Check Out and Edit
Check out the document to edit its attributes.
Undo Checkout
Undo a checkout without saving any changes or creating a new iteration. This releases your hold on the document and makes it available for others to check out.
You can perform this action on multiple documents at once.
Edit document attributes and upload a new primary content file.
Create a new revision of the document. For example, a new revision of A.4 becomes version B.1.
Change the name of the document in Windchill. The document must be checked in to enable this action.
Set the life cycle state of the document.
You can perform this action on multiple documents at once.
Delete the document in Windchill.
You can perform this action on multiple documents at once.
Reassign the life cycle template and simultaneously set a new life cycle state.
Manage user, group, and organization permissions for the document.
If your site has security label enabled, you can change the security label values for the document.
Create a new promotion request to formally change the state of the document and any related objects.
Compare Document Versions
Compare two versions of the same document.
Compare Documents
Compare the latest version of two different documents.