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Editing a Folder
Use the following procedure to update the name, description, or domain of a folder:
1. Right-click the table row for the folder you want to edit.
2. From the right-click actions menu, select Edit.
The Edit window appears.
3. In the Name field, modify the folder name.
4. In the Description field, modify the description.
5. If the Domain field appears, select a domain for the folder. A domain is an administrative area that defines a set of administrative policies, such as access control, indexing, and notification. Folders associated with a domain are subject to its policies.
To choose a different domain, clear the Inherit domain from parent check box, and click Find.
When selecting a domain, you will not be able to view the access policies. To view the access policies, navigate to the Policy Administration utility, which is available from Products > Utilities or Libraries > Utilities in the Navigator.
6. Click OK.
The Edit window closes and the Folder Contents table is refreshed to show the updated name of the folder.
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