Windchill Fundamentals
Windchill Fundamentals
This category contains conceptual information on the basics of Windchill, such as user setup, product navigation, understanding objects, and the tools available to collaborate with others.
Did You Know?
Your access to objects depends on things like membership in a context team, access control permissions, and your user profile. For more information, see Accessing Data.
A number of user preferences allow you to personalize your Windchill experience. For example, if you frequently work with documents or other primary content, there are several preferences that let you control the document download and check-in process. For more information, see Content Management Preferences. For general information on preferences, see User Preferences.
You can add new tabs to object information pages that display any tables you select. For more information see, Customizing Information Pages.
You can pin the navigator to keep the pane expanded. For more information, see Navigator Overview.
For information on the different status indicators that you might see on objects throughout Windchill, see Object Status.
The Windchill Help Center has the following capabilities:
Click print to print the current topic.
Click feedback to send an email to PTC with comments about the current topic.
Show the contents of the help center based on user role, product, or Windchill optional module by Filtering Using Profiles.
If you are looking for a more comprehensive list or explanation of new features, see What’s New.