Windchill Fundamentals > Working with Windchill Objects > Actions Common Among Objects > Renaming an Object
Renaming an Object
The Rename window allows you to change the name, number, and, possibly, the owning organization of an object.
Some characters may not be allowed when renaming an object. For more information, see Special Characters.
To rename a CAD document or part, see Renaming CAD Documents and Parts.
This action is available in the following locations:
information page of an object
Actions menu
Structure tab when you select Edit > Rename
Editing action set
right-click menu of a part
right-click menu available in the Folders table
Use the following procedure to rename an object.
1. Select Rename from the appropriate location.
The Rename window appears.
2. Enter the new object name in the Name field.
3. Enter the new object number in the Number field.
4. Depending on your permissions, you may see a field for renaming the owning organization.
If applicable, enter the new organizational identifier.
5. Click OK.
The object name, number, or organizational identifier is changed for all versions of the object.