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Windchill Link Objects
By default, Windchill links are not enabled for Desktop Integration. For information on enabling links, see Enabling Links in Windows Explorer.
If enabled by an administrator, Windchill links also appear in Windows Explorer. These links are different than Windchill documents that have a URL as their primary content. For more information about working with links, see Links.
There are three types of links that appear in Windows Explorer:
Document link
Link to a document information page in Windchill or to a Windchill document download page.
Double-click to open the document content.
Folder link
Link to a WindchillFolders page.
Double-click to navigate to the folder in Windows Explorer.
URL link
Link to an external website or to an object information page in Windchill.
Double-click to open the link in a web browser.
Right-Click Actions
Open File Location
Navigate to the document or folder location in Windows Explorer.
Edit the link attributes or delete the link from Windchill.
Document Actions
Folder Actions
Open a submenu with applicable actions for the folder or document.