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Editing the Windchill Attributes
To edit the document attributes, select Check Out and Edit or Edit Attributes from the Windchill menu. You can also open the Microsoft Office properties panel:
1. Check out the document.
2. From Microsoft Office, select File > Info.
3. In the right pane, select Properties > Show Document Panel.
You can edit the following attribute fields:
Enter a text description of the Windchill document. Enter up to 4,000 characters. This description appears under the Details tab on the document information page.
Use the Comments field in the Microsoft Office document panel to edit the description
Enter a title for the document. This is different than the document name.
To view and set the Title attribute, an administrator must set the Documents > Title Attribute preference to Yes. By default, this preference is set to No. For more information, see Content Management Preferences.
To change the document Name attribute, use the Rename action.
Your site might define additional attributes. If your site has security labels enabled, then security label attributes might appear here as well. For more information, see Security Labels and Desktop Integration.
Microsoft Office document properties have a 255 character limit. When mapping attributes from Windchill, any additional characters are lost when the document is retrieved in the Microsoft Office application.