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Editing a Link
You can edit the name, description, and destination of a link using the Edit Link action.
To edit a link, use the following procedure:
1. From the right-click actions menu of a link, select Edit Link.
Navigate to the information page of a link. From the Actions menu, select Edit Link.
In the Notebook and My Notebook tables, you can also click the edit link icon located at the end of each table row containing a link.
The Edit Link window opens.
2. To change the name and description, enter new information into the Link Name and Description fields.
3. Use the URL or File field to change the link destination. The procedure is different depending on what type of link your are editing:
If you are editing a link to a website, enter a new web address into the URL field.
If you are editing a link to an object, you cannot manually enter any information in the URL field. To change the object you are linking to, you must locate a new object by clicking the find icon to open the URL window.
Use the search fields provided to locate and select a new object.
If you are editing a link to a file uploaded into your notebook, click Browse next to the File field and navigate to a new file.
4. Click OK to finish and close the Edit Link window.