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Promotion Requests
You can use the promotion request processes to formally request a state change for a set of objects in products or libraries.
You can use the collector, the clipboard, and search to gather objects for promotion. To aid the process when the record of a configuration is necessary, you can include additional objects in the promotion request as part of the promotion baseline.
Windchill provides the following two workflow processes for promotion requests. Each process has a set of tasks and roles associated with it. You can choose the process and add team members to the roles when you create a promotion request:
Promotion Request Approval Process
This process is designed to send the promotion request through a review in order for the promotion to succeed.
When you select this process, your assign participants to the Approver and Reviewer roles.
Team members assigned to the role of Approver are required to review the promotion request and then choose to either approve or deny it. The promotion request then follows the process until all approvers have completed their reviews:
If all approvers choose to approve the request, the states of the objects are promoted to the specified target state.
If any approver chooses to deny the request, the processes ends in a rejection and the states of the objects remain unchanged or return to the original state.
Promotion Request Review Process
This process is designed to change the state of the selected objects and notify specified team members that the promotion has occurred.
When you select this process, your assign participants to the Reviewer role.
Assigned team members have the option of reviewing and commenting on the changes, but no one is required to complete a task and the process does not depend on anyone's approval or rejection.
Promotion workflows are highly customizable. Administrators at your site might have customized the default promotion processes, or created additional processes for you to use.