Windchill Fundamentals > Working with Windchill Objects > Actions Common Among Objects > Revising an Object
Revising an Object
This action is only available when working from a Product or a Library.
When you revise an object, the version is moved to the next revision label; for example, from A.3 to B.1. For more information, see Object Versions.
To revise an object:
1. Select Actions > Revise from the information page of an object or from the Folder Contents table for product and library contexts.
2. The Revise window opens, displaying the Object List table. Use this table to collect objects related to the selected object and revise those objects as well. For more information, see About the Collector.
3. The New Revision column updates to the next revision level.
The New Revision column may be editable, allowing you to skip a revision level (for example, go from A to C). To skip a revision level:
Enter a revision label under the New Revision column. Enter the revision, not the full version identifier. For example, enter D, not D.3.
Select the checkboxes next to one or more objects and click the set revision icon to open Select Revision window. Enter a revision label or select from the drop-down menu to set a new revision label for all selected objects.
The column is editable when the Revise > Allow Override On Revise preference is set to Yes. For more information, see Preference Management.
4. If the new revision should reside in a different folder location than preceding revisions, modify the Location column.
If you modify the location, only the new revision resides in the new location. Previous revisions and iterations will remain in the original location.
5. Click OK to perform the revise operation.
If the operation fails, the Event Manager window opens to display errors.