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Creating a New Folder
Use the following procedure to create a new folder. Typically new folders are created in the Folder Contents table. For more information, see Folders Page.
1. Click the new folder icon or select New Folder from the Actions menu at the top of the table. You can also right-click on an existing folder and select New Folder from the right-click actions menu. By default, the new folder will be a subfolder of the current folder.
The New Folder window opens.
2. Set Attributes
Enter information for the appropriate fields and click Next. Depending on where you launch the action to create a new folder, the following fields may or may not appear.
Field Name
Enter a unique name for the folder. This field is required. Enter up to 150 characters.
Optionally, enter a description for the folder.
Select a domain for the folder. A domain is an administrative area that defines a set of administrative policies, such as access control, indexing, and notification. Folders associated with a domain are subject to its policies.
Depending on your settings and on the type of folder you are creating, this field may not appear.
By default, the domain is that of the parent folder. To choose a different domain, clear the Inherit domain from parent check box, and click Find.
When selecting a domain, you will not be able to view the access policies. To view the access policies, navigate to the Policy Administration utility, which is available from Products > Utilities or Libraries > Utilities in the Navigator.
3. Set Access Control
Use this step to view the access control permissions that are applied to the folder when it is created. The permissions include straightforward rights such as the ability to read, modify, and delete the folder, as well as more complex rights, such as the ability to change the permissions that others have to the folder.
Depending on your own permissions, you may be able to use this step to change the permissions other users, groups, and organizations have on the new folder. For additional help on this step, click the help icon on the Access table in the window.
The Set Access Control step is not available for network folders.
4. When you are finished entering the information, click Finish to save your changes, or click Apply to remain in the New Folder window and create additional folders.
A confirmation message appears stating that the folder has been created.