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Object Versions
Every object in Windchill has a version, for example:
A version consists of a letter followed by a separator such as a period (.), followed by a number.
The number represents the iteration of the object. The iteration is incremented each time the object is checked in.
The letter represents the revision of the object. Use the Revise action to change the object revision. For more information, see Revising an Object.
When revising objects, a revision scheme represents a sequence of characters identifying subsequent versions of a revisable object. Your site might establish a revision scheme policy that is unique for your site. When you revise an object, the latest iteration of that object is used as the content for the new revision.
The Revise action is only available for objects within products or libraries.
See the following topics for additional details on working with object versions:
Capturing Part Design History—Provides information on using the version history when working with parts and part structures.
Understanding the Use of Versioning Schemes—Provides information on managing versioning rules as a context administrator.
Object Numbering and Versioning—Provides information on customizing the Windchill out-of-the-box versioning and numbering schemes for your site.