Windchill Fundamentals > Working with Windchill Objects > Actions Common Among Objects > Setting the State of an Object
Setting the State of an Object
Use the following procedure to set the life cycle state of an object.
You can set the state of an object if you have the appropriate permissions for the object. Also, you must select the latest version of the object. You cannot set the state of a non-latest version. For more information, see Planning Object State Change Policies.
1. Select Set State from the Actions list of an object.
The Set State window appears.
2. In the States field, select an option from the drop-down list.
3. Click OK.
The Set State window closes, and the page is refreshed to display the selected state.
In projects, the state of an object cannot be changed if the object is being routed. If you want to change the state on a currently routed object, you must first terminate the route.