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Preference Management
The Preference Management utility allows users to view and set preferences, such as display and search options, to enhance their Windchill experience, and allows administrators to view and set preferences for various application contexts, such as projects, products, or organizations.
The Context field at the top of the Preference Management utility identifies the user or context from which the Preference Management utility was opened; only the preferences for that user or context are displayed. When the Preference Management utility is launched from a particular application context, the complete list of available preferences for that context is displayed. (Site and organization administrators can switch between contexts by clicking the find icon next to the Context field and searching for other available contexts.)
The Find in tree field allows you to search for keywords in the preference names and descriptions displayed in the Preference Management utility for the current context. Click the next match and previous match arrows to navigate through the matches.
Preferences are grouped by category and subcategory according to the type of functionality they impact, such as Display or Search. The expand icon and collapse icon next to the category names can be used to view and hide the preferences in each category. You can choose to show all preferences within every category by clicking the expand arrow near the top of the Preference Management utility. Clicking the collapse arrow hides all preferences in the table, leaving only the top level categories visible.
Within a category, each preference is named and a short description of the preference is provided. The current value of the preference is also displayed. A locked icon next to the preference indicates that the preference value cannot be changed below the level at which it is locked.
The following actions may be available for individual preferences from the right-click actions menu:
Set Preference – allows you to view more detailed preference information and change preference settings. This action is available if the preference is not locked at a higher level.
Delete Child Instances – allows site and organization administrators to remove any preference values set at levels lower than their current context. This action is available to site and organization administrators only.