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Using Windchill RV&S to Support Your Testing Process
This topic is intended to introduce you to the workflow and document types that form a test management implementation and describes how they fit together in the overall testing process. It contains the information required to learn how to:
Perform the activities of Test Management and understand the three phases of testing: Test Planning, Test Development, and Test Execution.
Manage the execution of test sessions, to capture detailed results against your test cases and reporting on those results to analyze performance and measurement statistics.
Establish trace relationships between Test Cases and the basis for testing, which could include Requirements, Models, or Specifications.
Relate failed test results to Defects to provide a tightly integrated relationship between the execution of test cases and defect management.
This topic does not aim to fully describe all components of Windchill RV&S, for example, fields, items, workflow, and other general options.
What is Test Management?
Test Management as an Integrated Approach
Test Management at a Glance
Testing Process Task Overview
Test Planning
Create Test Objectives
Adding a Planned Test
Review Test Status
Test Planning Reports and Charts
Test Case Development
Creating a Test Suite
Adding a Test Case
Adding Test Steps
Establish Trace Relationships
Publish Test Suites
Test Execution
Create Test Session
Entering Manual Test Results
Test Result Editor
Reviewing Results with the Test Results View
Batch Editing Test Results
Collecting Performance Statistics
Collecting Contextual Information for Functional Testing Scenarios
Reporting on Test Results
Mark Test Session Complete