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Create Test Objectives
Test manager or a team lead within the testing team.
Break down your testing activities into a series of goals or objectives.
It is up to the organization to define what a test objective means. The purpose is to structure the objective based on the way that you want to report your test results for a given project. This is often a different dimension than the way your test suites are authored and organized, particularly as you reuse test suites over time.
Select Item > Create > Test Objective or File > New > Item > Test Objective.
Define the objective of testing and add planned tests to the objective.
The default metrics defined on the test objective include:
The planned number of tests. This computed field identifies the total number of test cases in the Tests relationship field.
Metrics fields only count numbers of meaningful test cases. Meaningful is defined by the value of the test case's Category field defined by your Administrator. All of the values for that field do not have to have the meaningful attribute associated with them. Category is a unique field. It is the only field with the ability to associate this attribute with the individual values. Normally the categories of Heading and Comment are considered non-meaningful and so would not show up in the metrics. Your administrator could have added other non-meaningful categories as well.
The actual pass and fail results, which are computed based on the related completed test sessions.
By default, pass and fail metrics are rolled up using the Completed Test Sessions field. Test sessions transition to this field after they are related to the test objective and moved to the Completed state in their workflow.
The number of pass and fail counts should never exceed the total number of planned tests. The number of planned tests can grow over time. As this count grows, the number of passed and failed counts or not run counts should increase proportionally. You can then use these fields to trend over time.
The relationships relevant to a test objective are:
Test Plan: The test plan to which the objective belongs.
Tests: Planned tests defined in the test objective.
Active Test Sessions: The test sessions related to this objective that are in a state of Submit or Testing.
Completed Test Sessions: The test sessions related to this objective that are in a state of Completed.