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Create Test Session
Test Engineer
The Test Session identifies the set of tests (fully detailed test cases) that need to be executed.
Item > Create > Test Session or File > New > Item > Test Session.
Adding Test Cases
You cannot author meaningful test cases in a Test Group. You can only copy test cases from test suites into test groups.
As of Integrity Lifecycle Manager 12.0, you can also add versioned test suites or versioned test cases to a test session using the Finder window. See Adding a Planned Test for more information on using the Finder window to add versioned test suites and versioned test cases. To view the versioned test cases that are contained in the corresponding versioned test suites, view the test session in the Test Result Editor.
For information on the best practices when using versioned test documents, see Best Practices For Working With Versioned Test Documents.
For information on the limitations for versioned test documents, see Limitations For Versioned Test Documents.
On the Test Session there is a field called Test As Of Date that is automatically set when you move the session to the state of InTesting. This ensures that the session from that point on includes the test cases asof that date, which ensures that any changes to a test case don't accidentally sneak into the in progress testing and also ensures that you can navigate from a test result back to a specific version of a test.