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Test Result Editor
The Test Result Editor allows you to enter and edit results for a manual test session. It displays the Test Cases (and Test Steps) for the Test Suites or Test Groups in the Test Session.
The administrator can define additional types of test result fields which display in the Test Result Editor. The following is a list of fields including examples of how they may be used:
Picklist=Usability Rating. Example pick values: Very Usable, Somewhat Usable, Difficult to Use. This field could be a pick value used for assigning a rating to certain types of tests such as User Interface testing.
Date. This field may be used to identify when the test was ran as opposed to the time the test result was modified. It is particularly useful when doing offline testing where results are entered into the system many hours after the tests were actually executed.
Shorttext=GPS Co-ordinates. Short text fields can be useful for capturing free form text to help identify specific configuration information about the test result, for example, the GPS co-ordinates used when testing location-based devices.
Integer=Throughput (kbps), which measures the amount of data transferred during the test; or Battery Life (%), which measures the state of the battery in a device being tested.
Float=Execution Time (hours). Execution time (hours) can be used to capture the amount of time it takes to execute a particular test with floating point precision.
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If your administrator integrated Windchill RV&S with a third party testing tool, you can use Test Results view to view the results posted from the external tool. For more information on integrating with a third party testing tool, see the Windchill RV&S Installation and Upgrading Guide.
The test cases that display for test documents in the Test Result Editor are based on the date in the test session’s Tests As Of Date field. Test cases added to test documents after this date do not display. If a Tests As Of Date date is not specified for the test session, the Test Result Editor displays test cases in the test document as of the current date.
To display the Test Result Editor for a test session item, select a test session item in the Items view or Relationships view, or open it in the Items Detail view, and do the following:
In the GUI, select Test > Test Result Editor or File > Open > Test Result Editor.
The Test Result Editor also displays when a Test Objective or Test Case item is selected.
In the Web interface, click and select Test > Result Editor.
If a test session contains versioned test items, use the Integrity Lifecycle Manager 12.0 client or a later client only. It is recommended that you upgrade clients older than 12.0 to the current version for using the Test Result Editor with versioned test items.