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Establish Trace Relationships
Trace relationships are created between Test Cases and Requirements, or Test Cases and Specifications through named trace relationship fields, for example, Validated By/Validates.
The exact configuration by which items can be traced to from a Test Case is configured by your Windchill RV&S administrator.
Traces are used to identify the Requirement, Specification or other artifact or process that is being validated or verified by a given Test Case.
Traces can be established by:
Selecting the appropriate Test Case in a Document view or Trace view and selecting Content > Relationships > Create Trace.
The Finder dialog allows you to navigate to the Project and the desired document type to find the item you wish to establish a trace relationship to. You can choose to select multiple items that this test case may trace to.
Using drag and drop. With the applicable open Views, ALT+Click and drag the test case to the item you want to trace to. Confirm the trace. You can select multiple items simultaneously.