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Testing Process Task Overview
To understand how test management as a business process is supported and reflected in the collection of data using workflow and document types in Windchill RV&S. The focus is the three phases of test management:
test planning
test development
test execution
During the test execution phase described in this topic, you will learn how to enter test results consisting of a Verdict, Annotation, and administrator-defined specific fields pertaining to specific data measurement and performance-related data, for example:
Battery Life
What do you need to have set up/configured before you can perform this task?
Your administrator created the following:
test group or test suite document type. Document types are the basis for authoring test cases which will be used in the test execution phase in order to capture results.
specific test result fields which are used to collect specific data during test execution.
What will happen after you complete this task?
You will be able to execute test cases, capturing detailed results and run reports for reviewing or analyzing those results.