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Creating a Test Suite
Test Manager or a team lead within the testing team.
Documents in Windchill RV&S have workflow defined so that other users of the system can understand the status of the document.
To learn how to create documents of all types, including Test Session and Group documents, see your Windchill RV&S Installation and Upgrading Guide.
Test Suites are a type of document and by default have a workflow that represents three important states, Draft, Restricted, and Published.
Test Group is a document type (item), which allows you to include other Test Suites / Test Cases, for the purpose of reorganizing them or structuring them in a different way. You may also use a Test Group document to include test cases from other suites, but with different parameters.
Test Suites are created using Document > Create > Test Suiteor File > New > Document > Test Suite. Test Groups are created using the Group Document menu option(s).
The state of a Test Suite can be modified from the Document view, by selecting Document > Properties, or by editing the document item from an Items view and modifying the value in the State field.
Only valid state transitions display in the state drop down list.
The Draft state is used primarily for updating content in a Test Suite without restrictions.
The Restricted state is used to restrict the type of authoring activities that can occur, commonly this state is used when a Test Suite is being change controlled or reviewed.
The Published state is used to identify documents that are published and ready to be used by others in the organization, often publishing a document goes hand in hand with capturing a baseline of the document.
The relevant relationships for Test Cases would be:
Traces (Verifies, Validates): Allows links to requirements, specifications and models.
Tests For: A built in relationship field, identifies the Test Sessions or Test Objectives that this test case is related to.
Project: The project field identifies the project the Test Case or Test Suite belongs to.