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Collecting Contextual Information for Functional Testing Scenarios
For functional testing, you can capture additional information in the test result regarding the status of the currently tested product or system. For example, testing teams responsible for testing a handheld device may wish to capture information about the Battery Level or Signal Level during certain test scenarios. This allows a reviewer of the test session to understand how battery level degrades over the course of a series of tests or how the signal level may respond in various real world conditions.
Functional testing is often done manually by recording results entering values for the attributes of the test result using the Test Result Editor. In some cases, functional testing may be automated and populated using the ATEF framework or through integration with commands such as tm setresults, tm createresult, and tm editresult. These CLI and API commands may also be used to capture test result detail offline using an integration with a tool such as Microsoft Excel.
These attributes display on the test result as columns in the Test Results view and Test Results Editor but could also be accessed through triggers and reports.