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Entering Manual Test Results
Test Engineer
Test Results and Test Case failures can be related to existing defects or newly created defects. Attachments and annotations are also recorded. Based on the test results, test engineers may create defects that are assigned to developers for resolution.
Defect management involves prioritizing defects and assigning them or deferring them. Developers receive real-time notification of tasks assigned to them to resolve defects in the same system where they are created. The testers need to be told when the fixes are in place so that the test case can be re-tested.
Automated test results may also be displayed and reviewed in the Test Results view. When a Test Session is complete, test engineers change the status to Complete to publish the results. By moving a Test Session to a Complete state, the result metrics, for example, Passed, Failed, and Skipped, are updated and rolled up to the Test Objective, Test Plan, and ultimately the project.