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Creating a Note from a Template
Creating a new note from a template allows you to reuse note attributes and text. When creating a new note from a template, you can modify the attributes and note content.
Templates are created and managed by administrators with access to the Note Templates table. For more information, see About Note Templates.
You can create a new note from a template in the following locations:
Folder Contents table
Notes you create here are not associated with a particular part, but can provide general information, or later be added to one or more parts.
Notes table
Notes you create here can either be associated to the part on whose page the table is located, or with a structural relationship to a lower-level part in an assembly. For more information, see Viewing the Notes for a BOM.
To create and add a note to a part, you must have permission to check out the part. If actions are still unavailable to you, verify the status of the part. If it is checked out by another user, you cannot add a note. For more information, see Understanding Data Accessibility.
If your site has security labels enabled, you might see the Set Security Labels step. For more information, see Setting Security Labels while Creating an Object.
To create a new note from a template, use the following procedure:
1. From the Notes table, select the checkbox next to the part to which you want to add a note. Click the add new note from template icon on the table toolbar.
From the Folder Contents table, select Actions > New > New Note from Template.
The New Note from Template window opens.
2. Under the Define Object step, specify the template for your note.
In the Template field, click the find icon to open the Note Template window. Use the search fields to locate the template. For more information, see Finding Objects.
To view all available note templates, you can leave all fields blank and click Search. If necessary, you can then filter the search results table.
If you do not see the template in the search results, it might not be enabled. An administrator must enable a template before it is available to users.
3. Select a template in the Search Results table and click OK. Click Next.
4. Under the Set Attributes step, enter a unique name for the note in the Name field. Enter up to 60 characters.
The following fields are set according to the template attributes, but remain editable:
Location—The folder location of the note within the context.
This field is automatically generated depending on where you accessed the New Note from Template window. If you would like to change folder locations, click the set location icon and browse to a new folder. For more information, see Setting a Location.
Note Text—The primary content of the note.
Enter up to 500 characters.
Your site administrators might add additional attribute fields that are unique to your site.
Click Next.
5. Under the Set Attachments step, you can use the Attachments table to add supplemental information to the note.
An attachment can be a link to a website, a file uploaded from your local machine, or can specify information located in external storage. For more information, see About Attachments.
6. Click Finish to create the note.