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Checking Out an Object
To modify an object in the Windchill system, perform a check out. This places a lock on the object in the database so that other users are prevented from modifying the object while you have it checked out. You release your lock on the object and make it available to others again by undoing the checkout or by checking in the object.
You can check out an object if it meets the following criteria:
The object is checked in, not checked out by you or another user.
You have modify permission to check out the object.
The object type is version controlled in Windchill. Some Objects, such as folders, notes and change objects are not version controlled objects and cannot be revised, checked out or checked in. CAD documents are version controlled objects and can be revised, checked out or checked in.
The object is not locked by your administrator.
The latest iteration of the object is selected.
This setting can be changed in the following preference: Create and Edit > Allow checkout of non-latest iterations. For more information, see Preference Management.
Use the following procedure to check out an object using the Check Out action:
1. Select Check Out from the Actions menu available in one of the following locations:
Information page of an object
Right-click menu available in table rows throughout Windchill
2. The object is automatically checked out, and the page is refreshed. A checked out status icon, such as the checked out by you icon appears. A working copy of the object appears in the Home > Checked-Out Work table, along with all of the other objects that you have checked out.
Until you check in the object, changes made to the working copy are not available to other users. You can check in the object without making saving any changes by selecting the Undo Checkout action from an Actions list. For more information, see Undoing a Checkout.