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Folders Page
From the Folders page, you can manage the objects contained within a context. It also provides a central location for information about objects. Access the Folders page in the Navigator by selecting Folders under the context, for example, Products, Projects, or Libraries.
The Folders page contains two tables:
Folder Contents
You can hide the Folders table on the left by double-clicking on the divider bar. To resize the left pane, drag the divider bar to your preferred width. You can also expand and collapse each table by clicking the expand icon or the collapse icon that appears in the upper left corner of each table.
The Folders table on the left of the page allows you to browse folders and subfolders. The contents of the selected folder appear in the Folder Contents table on the right.
Folder Contents Table
The Folder Contents table on the right displays the contents of the folder selected in the Folders table on the left. The Folder Contents table is sorted based on the column and order selected. Subfolders always appear first, followed by objects. This behavior applies to all table views (system and personal) that include folders as a type to display.
From the Folder Contents table, you can perform actions on objects. Actions are available from the Actions menu and icons at the top of the table as well as when you right-click a table row. For descriptions of the actions, see Folder Contents Table Actions.
Objects you do not have access to may not appear in the Folder Contents table. For more information, see Understanding Data Accessibility.
You can filter the objects that display in the table by selecting an option from the View drop-down list. You can also find and sort objects in the table. For more information on these capabilities, see Using Tables. To view all revisions that you have access to for an object in the folder, create a custom view. For more information, see Customizing Table Views.