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Viewing Structural Notes for a BOM
A Single-Level BOM with Notes report includes the following information:
A list of child or component parts in an assembly.
Notes directly associated with the top-level part in the assembly.
Notes associated with the structural relationships between lower-level parts in the assembly.
If a specific part, part configuration, or part instance is assembled using one or more lower-level objects, then the hierarchical relationship between those objects is represented in the part structure. A part that is assembled using other parts can also be referred to as an “assembly” or “parent part.” For more information and instructions on creating or editing a part structure, see Part Structure Browser.
A bill of materials (BOM) is a list of components or lower-level parts (sometimes referred to as “child” parts) that are included in an assembly. In other words, a BOM is essentially a product structure that has been generated into a report or spreadsheet. A single-level BOM lists the direct components or children of the parent part or assembly. If the product structure has a hierarchy more complex than a direct parent-child relationship (for example, if a child part is itself assembled from component parts), then you can generate a multilevel BOM to list the components across several levels of the product structure. For more information, see Structure Reports.
You can only add notes to a single level of the part structure hierarchy at a time. Therefore, you cannot generate a multilevel BOM that lists all notes.
If you are viewing the information page of an assembled part, the Notes table displays the lower-level parts directly used by that part. Adding notes to those lower-level parts allows you to reference a structural relationship in that assembly. These notes appear in the single-level BOM report.
You can verify the assemblies with which a note is associated by navigating to the note information page and viewing the Related BoMs table.
To view the notes associated with a BOM, use the following procedure:
1. Navigate to the information page of an assembly or parent part and open the Structure tab.
2. Under the Reports action set, select Reports > Single-Level BOM with Notes.
The report opens in a new window and includes two tables of information:
The Single-Level Bill of Materials table provides summary information for each part in the BOM, such as the part name, version, and find number.
The Notes by Find Number table provides a list of all notes added to the parts in relation to the part structure. If there are no notes associated with this BOM, the table appears blank.
A find number can be added to any part used in an assembly. If specified, the find number is added to a part from the Structure tab of a parent part or assembly. For more information, see Editing Attribute Values.