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Adding an Existing Note
Similar to creating a note from a template, adding an existing note allows you to reuse note text and attributes. However, unlike using a template, when you add an existing note to a part, you are not creating a new note object. Therefore, when you add a note, you can also centralize any modifications made to that note.
Any changes made to a note in one location are visible from any other part associated with that note. For example, if you add an existing note to a new part and then edit that note, the changes you make affect how the note appears for the part to which the note had already been associated. While this can simplify the process of editing a note that is reused in multiple locations, you may need to add access restrictions to prevent losing information. To check for potential conflicts, you can view any parts or assemblies associated with a note from the note information page.
To add a note to a part, you must have permission to check out the part. If actions are still unavailable to you, verify the status of the part. If it is checked out by another user, you cannot add a note. For more information, see Understanding Data Accessibility.
The ability to add a note is only available in the Notes table.
To add an existing note to a part, use the following procedure:
1. Select the checkbox next to the part to which you want to add the note and then click the add note icon on the table toolbar.
Click the add note icon located in the table row of the part to which you want to add the note.
The Add Notes window opens.
2. Use the search fields to locate the note you want to add. For more information, see Finding Objects.
To view all available notes, you can leave all fields blank and click Search. If necessary, you can then filter the search results table.
3. Select one or more notes in the Search Results table and click OK.