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Document Structure Actions
The actions toolbar appears at the top of the Structure tab. Actions in the toolbar are divided into sections called action sets:
The availability of actions depends on the status of the object as well as your access to it. For more information, see Object Status and Understanding Data Accessibility.
Action Set
Insert New > Insert New Document
Insert New > Insert New Multiple Documents
Insert an existing Windchill document or create one or more new documents to insert into the document structure. The document is inserted as a child document to whichever document is currently highlighted in the structure tree.
Remove the selected documents from the document structure. This does not delete the documents from Windchill.
Edit > Edit Document
Edit the document attributes.
Edit > Rename
Modify the document name or number.
The document must be checked in before you can perform this action.
Check Out/In
Check Out > Check Out
Check Out > Check Out and Download
Select one or more documents in the document structure tree to reserve and download.
Inserting a child document automatically checks the parent document out to you.
Check In > Check In
Check In > Undo Checkout
Select one or more documents from the document structure pane to check back into Windchill. Click Undo Checkout to check a document back in without saving your changes or creating a new iteration of the document.
When you check in a child document from the document structure browser, you cannot upload a new primary content file or modify its attributes. To check in a child document using the standard checkin options, you must navigate to its information page or use the checkin action available from the Folders table. You can also use the Edit Document action instead.
Move the document version to the next revision label. For example, update the version from A.3 to B.1. For more information, see Object Versions.
This action is only available for documents located in a product or library.
Use the Copy and Paste actions to insert a document from the clipboard into the structure. For more information on using the clipboard, see About the Clipboard.
If you have multiple Windchill documents that you would like to insert into the structure, the simplest way to do this is to copy them from the Folders table and paste them into the document structure tree. If a lower-level document in the structure tree does not yet have child documents of its own, you can use the right-click actions to insert a child document and enable the Uses table toolbar.
Views—Select, manage, and create different views for the document structure tree.
Display—Control how information is displayed within the structure browser.
New/Add To
Add one or more documents to a baseline or package.
Limit which documents appear in the structure viewing pane. For example, if you want to see which documents have been moved to the Released life cycle state, you can use a filter to see only those document versions.
By default, the filter is set to display the most recent version of every document, regardless of its life cycle state. Filters are set using configuration specifications. For more information, see Document Structure Filters.
Download the primary content of one or more documents within the document structure.
You can select multiple documents to download in a compressed ZIP file. As a result, this action bypasses the File Download Mechanism preference and uses your basic browser download functionality.
Additional Actions
Most actions in the actions toolbar are also available in the document structure panes from either the right-click actions menu or the Uses table toolbar.
The following actions are available from the right-click actions menu of the document structure tree but are not included in the actions toolbar:
Select in Uses Table—Highlight the document in the Uses tab.
Reorder—Change the order in which documents appear in the structure tree. This action is only available for documents that have two or more child documents.
Open Primary URL—Opens a new browser window displaying the document link location. This action is only available for documents that have a URL link as the primary content source.