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Editing a Document
Edit a document to make the following changes:
Add, remove, or edit primary content.
Change the primary content type and edit related attributes.
Add, remove, or edit attachments and related attributes.
Some attributes cannot be changed using the Edit action:
To modify the Name attribute, use the Rename action.
To modify the Location attribute, use the Move action.
To modify the document version, use the Revise action.
To modify the File Name field, you must upload a new primary content file that has a different name.
For information on editing multiple documents at once, see Editing Multiple Documents.
1. Navigate to the document information page and select Actions > Check Out and Edit. If the document is already checked out to you, select Edit.
2. Select one of the following options from the Primary Content Source menu:
Primary Content
No Content
A document without content (for example, a placeholder for future documentation).
Local File
A file uploaded from your local machine.
Click Browse to select a file on your local machine.
You can also drag and drop a file to upload it:
a. Open a folder browser or resize the Windchill windows so that you can view your desktop. Select the file you want to upload.
b. Click and drag the file to the Windchill action window and then release.
For more information, see About Drag-and-Drop.
URL Link
A link to an external website.
URL—The full URL of the website to which you are linking.
URL Label—A shortened name to identify the link.
External Storage
Content that cannot be attached as a local file or as a URL link. For example, physical objects, places, or highly sensitive information.
External Storage Location—Depending on the nature of the content, you can use this field to provide a description of the object, an address, file cabinet number, and so on.
External Storage Label—A unique name to identify the content.
3. In the Description field, enter or modify a description for the document. Enter up to 4,000 characters. Click Next.
If your site has defined additional attributes for a document, fields for those attributes appear under the Business field.
4. Under the Set Attachments step, use the Attachments table to add or modify secondary content.
5. Click Check In to save your changes and check in the document.
Click Save to complete your changes and keep the document checked out.
The visibility of the Save button is controlled by the Create and Edit > Save Button Display on Edit Window preference. For more information, see Preference Management.