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Structured Documents
A document structure allows you to define parent-child relationships between documents. These relationships are reflected in a hierarchical table in which each document uses the documents that appear below it. Use the document structure browser located under the Structure tab on document information pages to create, view, and manage document structures.
This example uses the 3-Pane Display setting. By default, the document structure browser is divided into two panes. You can alternate between two and three panes from the right-click actions menu or under the Display menu.
The Structure tab is divided into two main sections:
1. Actions Toolbar
Perform actions on one or more documents selected in the document structure tree.
2. Document Structure Panes
Manage lower-level documents in the document structure.
A. Document Structure Tree
A hierarchical view of the documents used by the document you are viewing. Use this table to arrange and modify the document structure.
B. Attributes Pane
Provides attribute information about the document selected in the document structure tree.
C. Uses Pane
Displays documents directly used by the document selected in the document structure tree. Use this pane to add, remove, and manage documents used by another child document without navigating to its information page.
For information on publication structures, see About Publication Structures.