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Checking Out Documents
Before you can modify a document, you must first perform a checkout action. This places a lock on the document so that other users are prevented from modifying it while you have it checked out. Other users can still view the document in Windchill and download read-only copies.
You release your lock on the document and make it available to others again by checking the document back in or undoing the checkout (in which case you lose any changes you made). For more information, see Checking In Documents.
The documents you have checked out appear in your Home > Checked-Out Work table. If this table does not appear, you can personalize your Home page to add this table. For more information, see Home Page Overview.
You can check out a document from the following locations:
The Actions menu on the document information page or the Folder Contents table.
The Structure tab actions toolbar.
The right-click actions menu in various information tables throughout Windchill.
If you have Windchill Desktop Integration installed, you can check in and out documents without opening Windchill. For more information, see Windchill Desktop Integration.
Depending on the preferences set at your site and your individual user access, the following checkout options are available:
Check Out
Reserve the document in Windchill.
Check Out and Download
Reserve the document in Windchill and open the primary content source file for editing. To control how documents are downloaded, set your attachment preference settings.
Select Download Primary File to open the source file without checking out the document in Windchill.
Check Out and Edit
Reserve the document in Windchill and open the Edit Document window, where you can perform the following actions:
Change the primary content source
Modify the document name and description
Add and remove attachments