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What's New in the ThingWorx Web Component SDK Version 9.4.0

Lit Web Components

Lit has now replaced Polymer as the main framework used within the SDK library. The web components of the SDK are migrated to use Lit.


In previous releases, the SDK web components were based on the Polymer library. Because Polymer is currently in maintenance mode and is not actively developed, the SDK library is now using the Lit framework.

Lit is a framework for building web components​, developed by the Polymer team​. There are significant similarities between Lit and Polymer​ and also significant differences between Lit and Polymer. For more information, refer to the Development Guidelines and the

As part of the migration from Polymer to Lit framework, the following components are migrated to Lit in this release:

  • ptcs-popup-controller
  • ptcs-mb-container
  • ptcs-library
  • ptcs-lazy
  • ptcs-page-select
  • ptcs-menu-button
  • ptcs-v-scroller
  • ptcs-div
  • ptcs-toggle-button
  • ptcs-textfield
  • ptcs-textarea
  • ptcs-radio
  • ptcs-label
  • ptcs-label
  • ptcs-divider
  • ptcs-chip
  • ptcs-checkbox
  • ptcs-button

All visual components that are migrated to lit maintain the following aspects of their design: Migrated components retain the same look and styling.

  • The component functionality is not changed.
  • Mashup Builder widgets that are based on web components are not changed. All properties, styling properties and bindings are the same.
  • Demo pages continue to work as before.