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Quick Reference to Concepts and Processes Used in Options and Variants
The following table is intended to orient you in the Options and Variants documentation, and find topics that introduce you to the key concepts and processes. The processes are listed in the order of the workflow described in Variant Design and Generation Process.
Concept or process
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Analyze platform optionality needs
Managing product families: workflow overview
Creating enterprise-wide definitions in an option pool
Managing options in an option pool
Creating option choices
Defining rules for option choices
Assess current products for reuse
Filtering an overloaded configurable product structure using the Option Filter
Create a generic product definition: organizing a product family
Defining an option set
Managing choices in an option set
Managing rules for an option set
Assigning an option set to a configurable module, product, or library
Working with configurable modules
Assigning expressions to parts and part usage
Developing advanced selection logic using parameters and constraints
Assess current platform for reuse
Applying the Option Filter to expand the product structure
Create a variant definition
Configuring a configurable module
Generating variants
Updating a variant