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Configurable Modules
You can include a configurable module in the product structure as a way to build in variability in the product. In the process of configuration, a configurable module is replaced with an interchangeable part or a customized variant.
Configurable modules support two configuration approaches:
List-based option selection and filtering – You can associate a configurable module with several interchangeable child parts, and then use options and choices to define the conditions under which a child part is included. When you apply the Option Filter, a child part that meets the filtering criteria is included in product structure while the parts that do not meet the filtering criteria are excluded.
Advanced selection logic – If a desired variant is best described by a more complex logic that requires a user’s input, you can develop a logic for a configurable module and define parameters and constraints to guide the user in the configuration process.
Regardless of the approach you take, the configurable module enables you to capture user inputs in a variant specification, and generate a variant with a tailored BOM structure and the corresponding part numbers.
You can export a configurable module with all its information, including assigned expressions, options sets, and logic references. To export a configurable module, go to the Folders page and select Export from the right-click menu.