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Developing Advanced Selection Logic for Configurable Modules
Advanced selection logic is a method of generating product variants in Windchill based on the guided user input. Advanced selection logic can be created for a configurable module, which represents a configurable component in the Windchill product structure.
Advanced selection logic uses parameters and constraints to help the user define customizable aspects of the configurable module during the part configuration process. The resulting user inputs are captured in a variant specification. Based on the variant specification, Windchill can generate a variant part (also referred to as a deliverable). During the variant generation process, the system searches for existing parts that meet the selections captured in the variant specification, and includes them in the variant product structure.
Typically, the logic for the configurable module is created, edited, and tested using the Part Structure Browser. To create a variant specification and generate a variant, use the Configure action from the configurable module’s information page. For more information on configuring a part, see Creating Variant Structures Using the Configure Process.
To enter and display the formulae and advanced logic expressions in a format that is consistent with Microsoft Excel, set the ato.expression.rendering.context=com.ptc.wpcfg.logic.XLSExpressionRenderingContext property in the WT_HOME/codebase/ file.
If you plan to define advanced selection logic for a configurable module or use a deliverable generation process, the configurable module cannot be a child of a standard part.
The visibility of the advance logic feature is controlled using the Advanced Logic preference. By default, this preference is set to No. To enable the use of the advance logic feature, set the Advanced Logic preference to Yes in Preference Management.
If a user is a part of any of the PTC license profiles, the advance logic features will be accessible only if that user is also a part of the PTC Platform Structure Licensing profile. The PTC Platform Structure Licensing profile allows administrator to monitor and track end user usage of the advance logic feature.
Using advance logic feature, a user can generate advance logic reports for a configurable part by navigating to Actions > Advanced Logic. Reports available under Advanced Logic option are as follows:
View Logic
Lists the logic reports of all parts of the structure. The top part of the report presents the list of parts in the structures in a tree form. Clicking on the configurable part link directs the user to the logic report of the selected part.
Validate Logic
Shows the elements of the logic for the given part: information on the parameters, constraints, child part components, and breakdown into pages of parameters in the Configure Wizard.
Logic BOM
Consists of two panels: the part structure navigation panel and the logic information panel. The navigation panel presents the tree view of the part structure. Clicking on a configurable part node link displays the logic report for the selected part.