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Variant Part Step: Generating a Variant
The final step of the part configuration process allows you to generate a module variant or a product variant. In this step you can either reuse an existing matching variant part found by the system, or create a new variant part.
Alternatively, you can request to generate a variant from the information page of a variant specification by choosing Request Deliverables from the Actions menu.
1. Review the Matching Module Variants table for possible matches. Select one of these actions to define a variant part:
Use Selected Module Variant—If you identified a matching variant part, select this option to reuse that variant part and attach it to the variant specification.
Update Module Variant—Update the variant part that is currently attached to the variant specification.
Create New Module Variant—Create a module variant if the variant specification does not have an attached variant part.
2. To complete the configuration process, click Finish.
To learn how to carry over custom modeled attributes defined for the configurable module to the variant generated from it, see documentation on Windchill customization.
Controlling the Ability to Create Variant Parts
The Variant Requestor set to Generic User preference allows an administrator to control who can create deliverables (variant parts) for a selected structure. If the preference is set to yes, then the creator of the variant part is determined by the value of the property located in codebase\com\ptc\wpcfg\ file. If the preference is set to no, then the current user who requested the deliverables is the variant part creator.
Enabling Email Notification
You can enable email notification to the user who requested a deliverable when the deliverable is successfully generated. To do this, log in as a site administrator, add the property to the file, and set it to “true”.