Data Management Capabilities > Managing Part Structures > Windchill Options and Variants Capabilities > Using Option Sets to Organize Product Families > Assigned Option Set > Assigning an Option Set to an Object
Assigning an Option Set to an Object
1. Go to the information page of an object to which you want to assign an option set.
2. Add a new tab, and customize the view by selecting Customize > General > Assigned Option Set.
3. In the Assigned Option Set table, click .
4. The Assigned Option Set window opens. Select an option set to assign from the Option Set list.
5. Set the lifecycle state by choosing from the Life cycle state list. Out-of-the-box choices include In Work, Released, Canceled. If no lifecycle state is selected, then the latest revision and version of the option set is selected.
6. Click OK. The assigned option set now appears in the Assigned Option Set table. The Assigned To column in the Assigned Option Set table indicates the object to which the listed option set it assigned.