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Using Option Sets to Organize Product Families
An option set is used to define variations within a product family. The options included in the option set can be referenced from one or several option pools created in different product or library contexts. The option set can be created for a product or library. An option set can be exported to be used in another system.
To create or edit an option set, you must have administrator privileges or be an Option Manager.
Option Set Assignment
Option sets can be assigned to configurable product, configurable modules, as well as product or library containers. The assigned option set determines:
Options and choices that are available for filtering or part configuration
Choices that you can assign to a part’s usage
Choices that you can assign to parts
When working with complex products, you may need to use different option sets for different subsystems or technologies, while using a top-level option set for an overall product configuration. This allows you to define a tailored option set for an individual subsystem or a product module, for example, brakes. A module-specific option set may contain only the options and choices that are specific to this module, while the option set assigned to the top-level part or product may contain the options and choices that capture how all modules are assembled.
The out-of-the-box behavior for the assignment of option sets can be customized. For example, your company may choose to disallow the option assignment for certain part subtypes, or to allow the assignment of options based on the part classification. For information on the option set assignment, see Assigning an Option Set to an Object. For information on how to customize the assignment of option sets, see documentation on customization.
Change Management and Promotion Process
An option set is a change-managed object, and you can initiate a Promotion Request or Change Request for options sets.